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500 Club Membership

A special LIFETIME membership has been established. The cost of this lifetime membership to Club Savoy is a one time fee of $500.00 payable to Club Savoy. You get all the benefits of a Regular member plus these additional perks;


Benefits of the 500 Club

  1. The Good Will knowing that you support Club Savoy.

  2. No Annual dues. Lifetime membership.

  3. Your Name on a brass name plate on the 500 Club Plaque.

  4. Free Admittance to the Club Savoy Anniversary Party.

  5. Free admittance to a special party honoring Founders and 500 Club members.

  6. Weekly emails about club events.

  7. Weekly phone reminder of club events.

  8. Finest dance floor in Jacksonville.

  9. A non-smoking environment.

  10. Great DJ's and professional sound.

          500 club membership does not give you a vote on the Board of Directors
          500 club members still have to pay their admission fee at the door

Dance clubs and other organizations may also join the 500 Club Membership to support Club Savoy. They will also get their name on the 500 Club Plaque.

Click Here to download 500 Club Membership Enrollment Form



Regular Yearly Membership

Club Savoy is a private dance club founded by dancers for dancers.  It was costly to start and many dancers donated money to fund the startup. Club Savoy is a not-for-profit corporation and depends on  yearly membership dues and door fees to keep the doors open.  Like any other business, Club Savoy has overhead like electric, water, trash, and insurance. 

Yearly memberships are available from August 1 through July 31 of the next year. Yearly memberships are only $35.00 per year. The benefits of  membership are reduced admission and a free Club Savoy Anniversary party. The anniversary party is a huge event with food, DJ throwdown and lots of dancing. 

Current door prices are $10 for members and $14 for non-members. Except as noted below.
Thursday night ballroom dancing  $7 for all.

Another benefit to our members is the finest dance floor in Jacksonville. Our floor is not screwed or glued down. If floats on top of the existing carpet. This is the most comfortable floor and easy on the knees. 

Club Savoy is a non-smoking club for the health of our members. Club Savoy has 5 of the finest DJ's in northeast Florida playing the music for your dancing pleasure. The club has professional sound equipment that surrounds you with that great dancing beat that makes your feet move. 

Club Savoy is governed by a board of directors that meet once a month to discuss and handle the clubs business affairs. 

To Join Club Savoy ........ Click Here to download Membership Enrollment Form    requires Adobe Acrobat Reader


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